Friday, December 19, 2014

Disturbing trend of daytime drunk driving arrests continues

Another drunk driver was arrested by Leelanau County Sheriff's deputies Thursday which is nothing unusual, other than it was yet another mid-afternoon arrest of a highly intoxicated driver.

A motorist called Leelanau dispatch at 2:18pm to report that they were behind a vehicle driving north on S West Bay Shore Drive near Bingham Road that was swerving all over the road and it was feared would cause a crash.  As deputies attempted to get into position to observe and stop the vehicle, it rammed into the rear of another northbound vehicle twice, until that driver pulled over and out of the way near Fort Road.  The suspect vehicle continued on and the original caller remained behind the suspect, relaying information to dispatch.  The 80 year-old driver of the vehicle which was rammed from the rear was not injured nor her vehicle damaged.

The registration plate on the vehicle showed an address in the Village of Suttons Bay so deputies converged there from the north and south.  The suspect was finally located and stopped on Broadway St. near Elm.

The 59 year-old female driver was heavily intoxicated and was unable and unwilling to perform field sobriety tasks.  She had a nearly empty bottle of vodka in the vehicle as well.  The Suttons Bay woman was arrested for Operating While Intoxicated 3rd or subsequent offense and was taken to jail where she remains until bond is set.

Elmwood Township man arrested for CSC

After a six month investigation by the Leelanau County Sheriff's Office detective division, the Leelanau Prosecutor's Office issued a two count warrant for Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st degree for an Elmwood Township man.

Justin S Hakly, 52, is accused of engaging in sexual activity with an underage child in September and October of 2013 in Elmwood Township.  The incident was reported to police in early 2014.

Hakly has been arraigned and bond was set at $250,000/10%, with a preliminary exam set for later in the month. Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st Degree carries a maximum penalty of life in prison.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Lake Leelanau man arrested for Driving Suspended again

A 33 year-old Leland Township man was arrested for DWLS for the 5th time after he was stopped Wednesday night at 11:47pm.  Leelanau County Sheriff's deputies stopped the man for traffic violations near Main St. and Phillips St. in Lake Leelanau.  Secretary of State records showed the man's privileges were suspended and he had 4 prior convictions for DWLS.

He was taken into custody and awaits a bond being set by the magistrate.

Bingham Township woman jailed from drug court

After pleading guilty to a probation violation in drug court, Melissa L Mateling, 27, of Suttons Bay, was sentenced to 120 days in jail.  She was given work release privileges and may be released 30 days early if all fines and costs are paid.

Leelanau County Sheriff's deputies arrested Mateling near her Bingham Township home in May after she had driven her car into the ditch and was intoxicated.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Stalking probationer sentenced to jail, then blows positive on PBT

A 41 year-old Maple City man pleaded guilty to violating terms of his Stalking probation on Friday in District Court.  Kevin C Holman was sentenced to 10 days in jail beginning Tuesday night at 6:00pm. When Holman turned himself in yesterday, there was a bench warrant for his arrest awaiting him.

Holman registered a positive reading on court-ordered daily breath tests Sunday, two days after being sentenced to the 10 days in jail and two days before he was scheduled to begin serving the time.

He is being held without bond as he serves the 10 days he was already sentenced to and will appear in District Court again for the latest probation violation charge.  Holman pleaded no contest in April 2013 to stalking an ex-girlfriend in a case investigated by the Leelanau County Sheriff's Office.

Help is needed to identify found dog

An adult female Golden Retriever was found dead Friday on E Bingham Road near the TART trail intersection in Bingham Township, possibly struck by a vehicle.  The dog was not wearing a collar and attempts to locate an owner have been unsuccessful.

It was scanned for a microchip and none was found and it may be possible that the dog was killed some time ago and was hidden by the early snow. 

It is important for many pet owners to care for their family friends end of life.  If you are the owner, or you may know who the owner is, please contact the Leelanau County Animal Control Division at 231-256-8630.  It is the goal of the Leelanau County Sheriff's Office Animal Control Division to reunite the owner with their family pet.  This is very important for many pet owners and provides needed closure for their loss.

Some things just can't be answered

An Elmwood Township resident called Leelanau 911 to request the fire department at 7:52pm Tuesday.  It was reported that the family cat urinated into the electrical unit in the stove and it was popping and crackling and there was a strong electrical smell. 

We will leave it up to you to try and figure that one out.  Elmwood Fire responded but no fire was located.